Ten reasons why doing homework is good for you

As students in college your will be tasked with completing homework in different subject areas. This more so affects students in their final year. However, before you gnash your teeth about how difficult and tormenting that is, you might want to look at this list of reasons why doing homework is actually good for you.

  1. Boosts one’s thinking and memory
  2. The brain is a muscle and thrives on consistent challenges. Assignments given at school help one enhance their thinking capacity and improve their memory

  3. Acquisition of study skills
  4. For you to complete any assignment task, you have to study. This will be a useful skill in one’s life in any learning process later in life.

  5. Time management
  6. Time is limited resource. Knowing how to allocate time to different tasks and stick to the deadline is a vital skill one learns by completing homework several times.

  7. Independence
  8. 90% of assignment tasks in school are completely individually. Solving mathematical tasks alone helps one gain the skill or working effectively and independently.

  9. Imparts Responsibility
  10. If once can commit to complete a given task assigned to them in due time, then they are deemed responsible.

  11. Good for class work recap
  12. It helps one review what they have covered in class and get a better grasp of the concepts

  13. Next class preparation
  14. Learning is a continuous process and reviewing what was previously covered helps a student link up new concepts much better.

  15. Research skills
  16. Doing assignments entails a lot of research in libraries or online searches. This imparts critical and essential life skills in research work

  17. Application of new skills
  18. Some tasks require application of acquired knowledge and practice enhances this ability

  19. Parents connection
  20. Through homework parents are able to perceived what their children have been learning in class.