Cons of doing homework

Every school out there gives homework. However, there is a tendency for people to stick to routines without stopping to ask: Is this still beneficial? On this note, a good question to ask would be: Is homework really necessary. Since we have dealt with benefits of homework before, let us look at the cons of completing homework. Am sure students who love using assignment help websites will love this:

  1. One needs time to relax, sleep and play
  2. Einstein, a great research once said that “Play is the highest form or research” . Scientific research has even shown that students who play more and sleep well perform well in school.

  3. Home settings are different
  4. All students come from different backgrounds. Some have parents who help them with homework while others have guardians or parents who actually want them to help with the housework when they get home. This implies that homework cannot be completed similar by all students and should eliminated. French president, Francois Holland, even promised to abolish homework in his plan of reforming the Education policies in France.

  5. Enough Time spent in school already
  6. A full time job takes 8 hours in a day in most states and countries around the world, That is the same time students spend at school. Why would they then need another 2 or 3 hours studying at home. It beats the use of going to school the whole day.

  7. Little benefit in terms of engagement
  8. Research has shown that homework does not necessarily translate to better engagement. If a given action does not produces results, why is it still in use?

  9. Can be stressful
  10. Doing homework can be tedious and stressful especially to small kids. If the benefits are not as enormous as the proponents indicate, why would we then pressure our kids with such unfruitful tasks?