6 good and hilarious excuses for not doing your homework

It is Monday. You just had a great weekend with a number of friends and now it is back to school. Just as you are settling down in class, you remember you have not completed your homework and the lecturer walks in under 30 minutes. What do you do? The best choice you have is to come up with a hilarious excuse for not doing your homework. Here is a list of things you could say (note: this is mostly for fan).

  1. Ask, “Was there any homework given?”
  2. Act surprised that there was a task give but you were not aware. You could say you never received the assignment email or something close to that. Just make sure your facial expression does not sell you out.

  3. Say, “The dog ate my homework”
  4. Dogs don’t feed on homework but if you have a playful dog, there is a minimal chance he could eat up your homework and run away with it. Just hope your teacher is convinced.

  5. Ohh! I left it at home!
  6. Quickly check through your bag as if to pull out the assignment. Search for a while then act surprised that you actually left the complete assignment at home. Promise to bring it the following day so that you have time to actually do it.

  7. The instructions were not clear
  8. In cases where the assignment was in a technical subject like mathematics and you didn’t have time to order a paper from a math site, just say the assignment was hard for you and you needed help completing the questions asked. This way you get help for completing the task and and obtain a deadline extension. Isn’t it worth it?

  9. My computer crashed before I could save my work
  10. It is possible your computer could have crashed before you saved your work. Take advantage of this and tell the lecturer so before he even asks. This makes it look very natural.

  11. I was not in class
  12. An assignment can be issued when you are not in school. If you are sure no roll call was taken on the day the assignment was given, then you could say you were not present when the assignment was given. Look very genuine as you say so.