250 Good, Interesting and Easy Compare And Contrast Essay Topics for college students
  • November 12, 2015

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No need to rack your brain any more. Are you looking for great compare and contrast essay topics to kick start your assignment? How can you choose an interesting topic in your field of interest? We have 250 great topics for you, to get your ideas going.

Our lists of topics

The topics are designed to help you find what will suit your project.  Broad topic is highlighted, and sub topics narrowed down to assist you find focus on the task . The topics covers areas such as Education, Technology, Environmental Science, History, Psychology, Economics and the list is exhaustive.

Psychology essay topics include:

  1. Which eating disorder is more dangerous? Anorexia or Bulimia
  2. Is traditional medicine more efficient in treating depression
  3. Claustrophobia or agoraphobia which affects a person more?
  4. What are the main similarities in psychosis and antisocial disorder?
  5. When treating addiction is group therapy effective?
  6. What are the effects watching TV too much and playing video games in children?
  7. What is the difference between lust and love?
  8. Does cognitive perspective and behavioural perspective similar in any way?
  9. Discuss behaviorism and psychodynamic to the provision of social and health care
  10. Compare methods and essence of abnormal and normal psychology
  11. What different methods are used in trait theory and contrast theory?
  12. Is hallucination and illusive dreaming similar
  13. Is problem solving ability same as intelligence
  14. What are the similar patterns of anxiety and depression
  15. Why do people have social anxiety and fear of speaking in public?
  16. How does child abuse affect the parent child relationship
  17. Is free range parenting better that helicopter parenting?
  18. Does Schizophrenia induce borderline  personality disorder?
  19. Discuss ego versus superego
  20. The influence of parents versus influence of peers
  21. Is psychology a social science or social study?
  22. Are teen suicide tendencies due to psychological factors?
  23. Should psychological torture be a criminal offence
  24. Should animals be used in psychological research?
  25. Between hard and soft drugs which is more dangerous?

Education essay topics

  1. Pro’s and con’s of using multimedia in schools
  2. Should advance placement be abolished in schools
  3. Online classes versus traditional face to face class
  4. Do students prefer indoor games or outdoor entertainment?
  5. Which is the best approach to instruction dialectic or didactic
  6. How does education differ  when it aims to impart reasoning ability versus impart occupational skills?
  7. How do this educationals systems differ? Heterodoxy and orthodoxy
  8. How do this approaches differ? Guide and pedagogue
  9. Distinguish how private and public schools are guided
  10. Are skills in the hard subjects like mathematics valued more than skills in the soft subjects like art?
  11. Advantages of homeschooling to attending  traditional schools
  12. Difference between public schools and charter schools.
  13. Is reading more effective than listening to audio books?
  14. How non traditional methods can offer high quality education through IT based teaching systems
  15. Studying abroad or studying at home
  16. Printed and electronic material which is better?
  17. Christianity versus Judaism
  18. How can the government prevent students from dropping out high school
  19. What can be done about the gun increase incidences in schools in the US
  20. Is complete IT reformation on the education system viable?
  21. Should teens be given less homework
  22. Should high school students be taught anatomy?
  23. Is it a waste of time tackling academic papers if very few people read them
  24. Is grading in middle level school needed?
  25. Should the federal government make public colleges free? To reduce student debt?

Technology essay topics

  1. Apple versus google smartphones
  2. Ebooks versus  textbooks
  3. Window and Linux
  4. Xbox and playstation
  5. Compare experience of handheld played games to joystick played games
  6. Compare versatility of touch screen versus cellular phones
  7. Codified knowledge in IT systems is it important?
  8. Should the government have access to track information through mobile phones?
  9. Are children smarter today because of the internet?
  10. How has social media helped figure out problems or create them in countries outside the US
  11. What are the ramifications of the ever increasing globalisation through technology?
  12. What are the pro’s and con’s of sequencing human genes to determine possible future health risks?
  13. Is nanotechnology the way to go in storing information
  14. Has social media encouraged positive or negative communication among people?
  15. Telecommuting versus traditional job
  16. Have digital tools made people more productive or less productive?
  17. How do hackers phish and how can it be stopped
  18. How has artificial intelligence replaced human task
  19. What is bioengineering and how has it affected us?
  20. How are nanobots useful in the technological world
  21. Will space technology and research continue or it will be on the downward trend?
  22. Should television sets have digibox built in?
  23. Do smart apps reflect one’s personality?
  24. EU promises its citizen’s faster  and free internet. Is internet a right?
  25. Is ios 10 a factor that would make one purchase a new apple phone?

compare and contrast essay topics

History essay topics

  1. Causes of American Civil War
  2. 19th Century living versus modern living
  3. Medicine in ancient Greece versus Ancient China
  4. In America how was it before railroad and rail tracks
  5. How did the Cold War affect the US and the world?
  6. Is the great depression and great recession similar
  7. What were the factors influencing China- Tibet conflict
  8. What were the circumstances leading to World War 1
  9. How did Japan move from a feudalistic state to a modern state
  10. During the revolutionary war what was the role of the African American
  11. Analyze the origins of slavery in Britain’s North American colonies between 1607 and 1776
  12. Compare how the following reflected tension in colonial society. Bacon’s rebellion (1676) Pueblo Revolt (1680), Salem Witch trials(1692) Stono Rebellion(1739)
  13. Compare and contrast the Democratic Party and the Whig party of 1830’s and 1840’s focus on the role of the federal government in the economy, social reform and westward expansion.
  14. In what ways did the role of women influence change in American society between 1790 and 1860 in the areas of political, economy and social.
  15. What was the nature of relationship between English and Native Americans, what techniques did they use to assert their interests
  16. Which ideas and values did the Puritans, influence the political, economic and social development of New England colonies from 1630 all through to 1660.
  17. Compare and contrast the Spanish, British and French imperial goals in North America between 1580 and 1763
  18. What is the relationship between Great Britain and its American colonies prior to 1763
  19. Analyze the reasons for the Anti Federalist opposition ratifying the Constitution.
  20. Discuss the differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson concerning the relationship of the federal government and the states government.
  21. Geography or history
  22. Was the Tacoma Narrows Bridge the biggest failure in history?
  23. Should Americans be taught history from other countries say Canada?
  24. Does the European culture emphasize a change that the Americans tend to disagree?
  25. Does the American education system  emphasize enough on the history of Jews?

Politics essay topics

  1. Is the electoral system still effective?
  2. Who is the most compelling  present leader outside America?
  3. Is information on the private lives of politician readily available?
  4. Which should be prevailed autocracy or democracy
  5. Should conservatism be back in the United States?
  6. Compare and contrast representative democracy versus direct
  7. How did the states of Virginia and New Jersey lead to “The Great Compromise”
  8. Does the statement of Thomas Jefferson apply to the modern world? Discuss “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with blood of patriots and tyrants”
  9. Compare and contrast the two major political parties in the US.
  10. Compare and contrast the campaigns of the Senate and House of  Representatives Candidates
  11. Why did the equal rights amendment fail?
  12. Defend your answer. Do you think the federal government has too much power, not enough power or right amount of power.
  13. How did the the fourteenth amendment affect Liberties in the United States?
  14. From the first amendment which right do you consider important ? Defend your answer.
  15. What are the dangers of relying to polling when having presidential elections in the US.
  16. Explain the four fundamentals of political parties and list them in order of importance
  17. In what distinct ways were the Whigs like and unlike the Federalist
  18. Did Obama’s election in the year 2008, signal a realignment or a temporary shift in the electorate?
  19. Do you agree there is an ideological consensus in America?
  20. How does the French political history (1776 – 1958) contrast with the US?
  21. Which is better for its citizen? Economic equality or economic equity?
  22. Should Saudi Arabia change its ban on women driving policy?
  23. Does the US need outside help to observe the elections.
  24. Should alternative energy sources be taxed?
  25. Between North and South Korea which state is more dangerous?

Environmental Science essay topics

  1. Recycling versus landfill
  2. Halogen versus incandescent
  3. How can the underdeveloped countries use renewable energy  to help their natural environment
  4. Endangered and endemic species of the world
  5. What effect does paper and plastic have on the environment
  6. Cause and effect of glacier melting
  7. What is the best alternative to blast fishing and the effect to marine eco system
  8. Avian obstacle collision to other air mishaps
  9. The Orangutan Palm Oil Crisis
  10. The effects of the Gulf Pork Spill
  11. Marine pollution and Plastic Albatros Crisis
  12. Concerns about genetically modified foods and genetic pollution
  13. Future effects of nanopollution and nanotoxicology
  14. Damage to earth’s ozone layer caused by CFC
  15. Sea grass and patch reef ecology
  16. Capture the recovery of keystone urchin and its role in reef restoration
  17. Regulating carbon under the Clean Air Act
  18. Biomass and plant biofuels
  19. Cleaner vehicles and fuels versus current vehicles
  20. Is deeper water drilling safe? Recommend safer methods
  21. Which is important to preserve animal life or protect the environment
  22. Should we stop using too much green houses in our environment?
  23. Should more air cleaning buildings be funded to conserve the environment?
  24. Better economy or better environment?
  25. Does the comprehensive nuclear treaty ban, help in conserving the environment

Sports essay topics

  1. Are we pressuring our children too much to shine in sports
  2. Steroids and boxing
  3. Should technology replace referees and umpires?
  4. Has digital games given rise to passive athletes?
  5. Should football integrate both female and male in the same team?
  6. Discuss the goat curse
  7. What is the impact of a professional player resigning in the middle of a season
  8. Concussion has been found prevalent in 91% of college football players. Should college football be banned until better prevention solutions are found?
  9. Discuss. Was Rio olympics a success after so many empty seats?
  10. Does the match fixing vice still exist
  11. Who was truly at fault. Discuss the Calcio Debate
  12. Should technology be more emphasised in sports
  13. Has video games destroyed the upcoming sports stars?
  14. The effect of a coach to a trainee
  15. What are pertinent political issues surrounding sports.
  16. Sports and culture
  17. Women and doping is it popular?
  18. Is 20 20 better than one day cricket?
  19. In the US will soccer become more popular than football?
  20. Is competition good or bad?
  21. Should golf be an olympic sport?
  22. Should video gaming be allowed as a sport in the olympics
  23. Are bronze medal winners happier than silver winner?
  24. Should olympic medals be made of actual gold
  25. Should the olympics be held every four years? Discuss.

International English Language Testing System (ielts) essay topics

  1. Language and culture
  2. What can companies do to increase productivity
  3. What factors do you think influence the success of an entrepreneur
  4. Is money a true indicator of success
  5. What impact does reading skills have in  child’s academic performance
  6. What other preschool factors
  7. What problems does overpopulation in cities cause?
  8. What benefits do you think tourism brings to the society?
  9. Religion in minority culture
  10. Cause and effect essay on skin whitening creams
  11. Traffic congestion in many cities is severe. Should the government tax  private car owners heavily and use the funds to improve public transportation system.
  12. As countries have developed there is a decrease in family size. Discuss
  13. Parents are the best teachers. Do you agree or disagree
  14. How do movies and television influence people’s behaviour?
  15. Life expectancy has gone up. Discuss this phenomenon
  16. Learning about the past has no value for those living in the present. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss
  17. Two places you have visited
  18. Your experiences before and after you have given up a habit
  19. Handwriting or typing
  20. Giving presents and receiving presents
  21. Is pepper spray right to deal with protesters? What other safe methods can the authorities use.
  22. Do you think “reverse prejudice” is detrimental to citizens?
  23. Is it important to know the origin of a drink’s name
  24. What problems are facing children when they are online without parental control
  25. Most modern families both parents are working and not spending much time with their children. Discuss the dangers

Music essay topics

  1. Compare and contrast music in the Asian and African Culture
  2. Compared to the structure,melody and rhythm. Contrast rock and classical music
  3. Will future generations remember Johnny Cash
  4. Violinist  Tartini composed the music Devil Trill as he heard in his dreams. Does paying attention to your dreams boost your productivity.
  5. Which type of music is effective while studying. Pop or classical
  6. Does music help one to overcome a tragedy?
  7. Norway has gone digital radio instead of FM. Should America follow suit?
  8. Are the Beatles one of the greatest musical groups of all time?
  9. Does music have deep impact on people
  10. Should middle school have music and art as a subject?
  11. Does rock music promote violence
  12. Which is better, mainstream pop or drum step
  13. Country or rap?
  14. Is Vocaloids the future of music?
  15. Should one be considered a musician even if they don’t play any instruments. Example Michael Jackson
  16. Has the technology of auto tune, lead false or untalented musicians?
  17. Is Electro Dance Music getting obsolete? What has replaced it
  18. Which requires more skills rock or pop music
  19. Megadeth versus Metallica
  20. Music lessons are expensive and not accessible to everyone discuss.
  21. Is music a proper subject? It is worth studying if it is not the career path you are taking.
  22. Does pirating music help promoting the music more than legal streaming channels.
  23. Discuss. Country music the oldest and the best genre of music.
  24. Has songwriting lost it’s meaning? Since the 70’s and 80’s.
  25. Do you think the lyrics are more important part of a song than the beats.

Health essay topics

  1. Do artificial sweeteners lead to high blood pressure?
  2. What is the Russian Government doing to reduce prevalence of HIV
  3. A study shows that jet dryers spread more germs. Should they be totally abolished
  4. With the current opioid epidemic is congress protecting the drug maker?
  5. Is DARE (Drugs Abuse Resistance Education ) effective in schools?
  6. FDA gives Cuba a go ahead in lung cancer trial vaccine. Is the US still a leader in medical research?
  7. During the Rio olympics no one caught the Zika virus was the fear of contracting overblown?
  8. Scientist have discovered a difference in the  brain chemistry of a paedophile. Can they be cured?
  9. A pain killer with no side effects. Is it possible?
  10. Should experimental drugs not yet approved be released to the market?
  11. Should junk food be taxed higher to promote wellness
  12. Are expiry dates on cold pills meaningless
  13. Should Opioid companies be against medical marijuana
  14. Finland states that children need 3 hours of exercise. How effective is this
  15. Are stem cell transplant the next breakthrough in medicine?
  16. Should states embrace Obama care despite its teething problems
  17. Should the US Senate increase funding for more research on Zika virus
  18. Will cancer be extinct in 2040?
  19. Do antibacterial soaps fight germs as claimed?
  20. Should drug addicts be put in hospital for medical intervention.
  21. Will HPV vaccine eliminate cervical cancer
  22. Is commuting detrimental to your health. Should people look for jobs closer to home?
  23. Coconut water is better than sports drink
  24. There was success in cornea cells being successfully grown. Will all organs be replaceable like this in the future.
  25. Do allergies of the donor  pass to organ recipients?

How to pick a good compare and contrast essay topic

  • Make sure you choose a question that doesn’t have an answer that people mutually agree on.
  • Topic selection must be specific
  • It helps that your topic is one which people have an opinion about. It makes it easier to get references to back up your essay from research or people you interview on a one on one or using other interview media.
  • Most importantly pick a topic that you have interest in. This makes the task a lot easier and enjoyable.

Get started on your essay by simply selecting through the topic of choice and pen down an excellent essay. Otherwise buy online papers for sale from our order page



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