69 Creative English Research Paper Topics for university students
  • December 30, 2016
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Magnifying glass.

Research papers are into two distinctive categories. The argumentative research paper and the analytical research paper. English papers fall to the latter category.

Expectations of an analytical research paper

  • Analytical paper research begins with the author posing a research question.
  • Exploration and reflection is a practise in analytical research.
  • The authors heedful inquiry to the research question, should conclude with the author’s view on the topic. His stand should not refute any other readings, but shed light on a new perspective on the topic under inquiry.

Checklist for a Research Paper

  • Is the thesis question clear and concise?
  • Does the argument flow in a logical manner?
  • Does each new paragraph link from the preceding paragraph?
  • Are all sources properly cited?
  • Are citatiations in the right paper format APA, MLA etc?
  • Are the claims properly supported?
  • Is the comprehensive intent of the essay clear?
  • Have you revised, and proofread your paper?

A list of 69 English Research Topics

  1. People who make believe.
  2. First impressions, lasting impressions.
  3. Popular fallacies in the 1990’s.
  4. College admission policy.
  5. Education and funding.
  6. Effects of hazing in college.
  7. Origin of Greek Letter Society
  8. Discuss No Child Left Behind Act.
  9. Story and struggles of women writers in the late 19th Century in America.
  10. Homesteading;understanding the women in the play Minnie Right.
  11. Explore the Mexican Legend of La Llorona and its perception on women and marriage.
  12. Research on the influence of the eastern religious thought on Western Christianity.
  13. Study of the rhetoric; Canadian society.
  14. Digital games and modern afterlives.
  15. Crisis and representation in the 20th century American Literature.
  16. Many are Christians but few are Christ-Like.
  17. Dialect in British Poetry in the late 19th century.
  18. Late modernisation in America and its change to English National Culture.
  19. The impact of automation on American lifestyle and culture.
  20. “Don’t ask don’t tell policy”. Should gay officers be allowed in the military.
  21. The American culture and its roots in racism.
  22. Compulsory Conscription Reinstatement.
  23. Compare two novels of the same genre and written in the same time.
  24. Discuss a Gothic novel.
  25. How does “Heroine in Pamela” reflect  female chastity ideals?
  26. Discuss impact of translation in schools.
  27. Discuss human life through Charles Dickens Novels.
  28. Who were the pioneers of romantic poetry.
  29. How did Adolf Hitler’s essay changed the world?
  30. Compare Italian Literature and American Literature.
  31. Black humor and examples.
  32. The difference satire makes in literature.
  33. What is the main theme; “To kill a mockingbird”?
  34. Discuss Hellenism in literature.
  35. Research on Utopian Literature.
  36. In early Europe witchcraft and wizardry  was rampant what was its effect on literature.
  37. Do fairy tales help children learn the principles of life.
  38. Is the world becoming a safer place?
  39. Death of a salesman and the American dream.
  40. Research on Dystopian Literature.
  41. Modernism and postmodernism.
  42. Renaissance literature and its transformation.
  43. Edith Wharton’s Age of innocence.
  44. Female African American Writers.
  45. Vulnerability that comes with young love on “An Ounce of Cure”.
  46. Russian literature and colonialism.
  47. Assimilation of the Anglo Saxon Dialect in the early British tribes.
  48. Challenges of learning english as a second language( ESL).
  49. What was Shakespeare’s contribution to the english literature?
  50. Discuss the imagist movement in english literature.
  51. The difference between literature of the North and literature of the South in America.
  52. Compare Scottish writers and Irish writers in literature.
  53. The sociological and political aspect of a book of your choice.
  54. Should Harry Potter be banned?
  55. Origin of the english language.
  56. Discuss the 19th century novel the blood brother.
  57. What is the most important technological  discovery in human history?
  58. What is the motivation behind a terrorist?
  59. Explain why Greek mythology is still relevant today.
  60. Cultural conflict in globalisation.
  61. Should the bible be studied as literature?
  62. Miller or Williams; Which playwright has a greater claim to the 20th century?
  63. Dystopian fiction is inherently an amateurish device. Discuss if you agree or disagree.
  64. Multiculturalism and its advantages.
  65. The role of women in the Yellow Wallpaper.
  66. Othello the Moor of Venice.
  67. Analyze the Native American Culture.
  68. Discuss the history of restoration drama.
  69. Give a historian’s view on George Orwell’s Animal farm.
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