Research paper topics for college students

research paper topics for college students

One of the most daunting task of writing  a research paper for a college students is selecting the best topic.

We understand that perfectly well. Here we have provided a list of  great research topics that you can base your research paper on. They are categorised in varied fields that range from sports, history, science, psychology, social issues among others.  We hope this list helps you get started with your research paper as soon as possible.  

Before, we go to the list, here are a few tips on how to select and write great research paper topics

How to choose research paper topics

To select a research paper topic, begin by singling out your area of interest. A research paper can be lengthy and one needs to maintain their level of interest through their paper to avoid sounding wordy. Writing on an interesting topic always helps make your essay stand out among several essays that your teacher could be marking

Secondly, select a topic whose information is within your reach. For instance, if you choose a medical topic ensure you have enough secondary and primary sources to provide information for the started topic.

Here is a list of the best research paper topics to base your essay on.

Argumentative research paper topics

  1. How do fallacies of Afrocentrism affect the word
  2. Is money the root of all evil?
  3. To what extent has doping affect sports worldwide?
  4. The US immigration crisis: can building a wall be a solution
  5. Impacts of lowering the minimum age
  6. How effective is US counter attack on terrorism so far?
  7. What is the right age drinking
  8. Do video games among kids amount to leisure or abuse?
  9. Wage rates: fixed payments versus payments per hour
  10. Abortion: is legalization justifiable or not?
  11. Is the current tax rate fair or unfair?
  12. The effectiveness of military action against terrorism
  13. Nepotism or corruption: which is a greater vice?
  14. Has a school grade “A”  lost its value?
  15. How essential is college education?
  16. Is a degree necessary for success in life?
  17. What is the perfect body shape?
  18. Corporate social responsibility: Should laws on this be more stringent?
  19. How effective are standardized tests?
  20. Should death penalty be abolished?

Psychology research paper topics

  1. Issues in parity health  care
  2. Effective psychology in military interrogations
  3. An analysis of a famous psychologist and the work
  4. Analysis of the Stanford prison experiment
  5. Analysis of Milgram obedience experiment
  6. Depression
  7. Analysis of different phobias
  8. How borderline personal disorder influences ones lifestyle
  9. Seasonal effective disorders
  10. Antisocial personality disorder
  11. Cognitive behavioural therapy
  12. Group therapy and its implications
  13. Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies
  14. Behaviour therapy
  15. problem solving psychology
  16. How bullying affects child development
  17. Suitable parenting styles
  18. Learning disabilities and impact of child development
  19. Obsessive compulsive disorder
  20. Personality development

Word History research paper topics

  1. A detailed account of major historical errors
  2. How countries have evolved over the years
  3. Discussion of major wars in world history
  4. How have women been exploited across  ages
  5. Discuss notable figures in history eg Abraham Lincoln or Nelson Mandela
  6. How have women evolved in industrial societies
  7. Achievements of notable women in European History
  8. History of United States
  9. Discuss the golden age of privacy
  10. Discuss the renaissance age
  11. Give a detailed account of the cold war and its impacts
  12. Discuss the Haitian Revolution
  13. Give a detailed account of the Spanish Civil War
  14. Ferdinand Magellan: who was he and what were his accomplishments
  15. An account of the nullification crisis of 1832
  16. How has Terrorism evolved over the years
  17. Titanic: account of once largest ship ever built
  18. Treaty of Ghent
  19. History of the aztec empire
  20. Discuss historical events in the nineteenth century

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. You can select one topic and break it down to a more refined topic area.

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